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This policy addresses general responsibilities in fundraising as well as specific responsibilities of fundraisers and donors, as related to the use of and accountability of funds. This policy is applicable, to all individuals who raise funds from private, corporate, public or other sources. Those who are employed as fundraisers are encouraged to sign the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and register with the nonprofits organisations.

Currently, ZBF founding members based in Dubai (UAE) are arranging fund-raising activities.


ZB FOUNDATION shall ensure that;

  • Fundraisers shall always act with fairness, honesty integrity and openness.
  • Fundraisers comply, in all of their activities with ZB FOUNDATION practices, and applicable laws and regulations.
  • Fundraisers hold themselves accountable to those from whom funds are received. They do not use messages or illustrations that make use of human misery or in any way compromise the dignity of any human being.
  • Fundraisers shall not exploit their position for personal gain. They shall accept compensation by salary or set fee only.
  • Fundraisers shall adhere to ZB FOUNDATION code of conduct. Above all else, donors have the right to obtain complete and timely information on how their funds are used.
  • All funds raised will be used for the purpose for which they were raised, and within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Fundraising costs shall at all times be held to a percentage of revenue, which is generally acceptable within the fundraising profession and, by the public. There shall be a proper balance between costs, revenue and quality.
  • A recognised accounting method shall be used to track and control donations. Accurate and timely reports shall be available to the public, including the amounts raised, how it was spent, and the net proportion used for the purpose or cause.