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Mrs Danielle Wilson Naqvi

Mr Akber Naqvi

Board of Directors:

Mr Syed Ali Javed Naqvi – Chairman

Dr Ali Raza – Director Child Health

Mrs Riffat Javed Naqvi

Ms Fatime Naqvi

Mrs Saima Khan

Ms Aasma Khan

Mr Mohammed Abbas Naqvi

Board of Trustees:

DR. T. Torresani, Ph.D

Toni Torresani studied biochemistry at the Universities of Berne and Zurich, Switzerland. He received his PhD in 1983. From 1973...

Mr Akber Naqvi

Mrs Danielle Wilson Naqvi

Mr Mohammad Abbas Naqvi

Ms. Fatima Naqvi

Mrs Saima Khan

Mr Syed Ali Javed Naqvi


Mrs. Riffat Javed Naqvi



Dubai / UAE

Dr. Khalil

Head Paediatrician - Welcare Hospital, Dubai

Dr. Fatma Al Jasmi

Metabolic Specialist – Al Tawam Hospital, Al-Ain

Saudi Arabia

Mr Majed J. Dasouki

Majed J. Dasouki, M.D - DABMG Director, Newborn Screening & Biochemical Genetics Lab King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, KSA


Dr. George Sahyoun

Chief R&D Officer/Director. MedLabs Referral Laboratory, Amman


Dr. Ali Raza

Director Child Health

The ZB Foundation Trustees UK:

Mrs Sarah Eccleston

Mr Dominic Gothard

Mr Cenk Oguz

Mr Cenk Oguz, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, member of Management and Scientific Board: Currently working as a Consultant at The...

Mr Philip Vassilou

Mr George Antony Wilson

Mr Justin Wilson

Strategic Partners:

Perkin Elmer





Ernst & Young (EY)

Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder Chartered Accountants, Islamabad