The ZB Foundation’s Press Conference on Dawn News

The ZB Foundation Press Conference is aired on Dawn News TV – 13th October 2017


The ZB Foundation’s Mission is:
To raise Awareness among the General Public, Concerned Parents, & Doctors’ Community, especially in the Remote/Rural Areas about the Implications & Consequences of Metabolic Infant Diseases/Neonatal Disorders (MID/ND)
To put in place Free Facilities (For Needy/Financially Challenged Families) to Perform New Born Blood(Dry) Spot/Heel Prick Tests for Common Disorders like TSH. Later on Such Free Facilities to be extended to Test/Screen further 40 Disorders.
ZBF Activities/Achievements so far:
* Starting in November ’16, our dedicated Lab (Based in Rawalpindi) has provided “Free NBS Service” for more than 6,000 Babies till date.
* For High-Risk cases with adverse family history we arranged so far “Free Detailed Screening” for 650 plus Babies through Med Labs, Jordan ( being our Strategic Partner. If done in Pakistan from any Private Lab such Tests cost between Rs 12,000 to 15,000.
*Our “Free NBS Service” is catering to around 25 Hospitals in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, KPK & Punjab
* Nutricia (Advance Medical Nutrition), Netherlands,( is also our Strategic Partner and they have committed to Support ZBF in this Cause.
*We have recently signed an MOU with Hashoo Foundation (Pakistan) for a Collaborative Partnership enabling us to further expand our services in the Remote areas/regions.
*By the end of the year we aim to work with The Edhi Foundation (Karachi) in order to test every abandoned Baby that is brought to the Edhi Center.
*To provide maximum possible Confidence & establish the Trust of various Stakeholders especially the Doners, we have acquired Certification (Currently under Renewal) from Pakistan Center for Philanthropy ( Certification establishes for the concerned NPO compliance with the Globally Recognized Standards in Corporate Governance, Financial Management/Transparency & Program/Project Performance & Delivery.
*Our Annual Accounts/Financial Statements are Audited by Ernst & Young (EY) who are ranked among the top four Global Audit Firms.
*We may add that the specialized “Machine/Equipment” in our Lab is Donated by Perkin Elmer (PE)

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