Key ingredients to running a successful charity in Pakistan


Mr. Ali Javed Naqvi is the Chairman of The ZB Foundation and along with the dedicated team in Pakistan, he puts the daily wheels in motion.

Introducing The ZB Foundation and apprising concerned officials of the Foundation’s mission and objectives as well as putting in place key arrangements for a comprehensive and sustainable New Born Screening network is one of Mr. Naqvi’s primary responsibilities.

Below, Mr. Naqvi shares some of his personal experiences while visiting hospitals and clinics within Pakistan.

“While most of such visits were reasonably successful, being a non-medical person, I was exposed to a sort of “Reality Check”. The overall environment/atmosphere of most of those Hospitals especially the Nurseries/Pediatric Wards, did highlight the “Context” in which The ZBF activities are carried out and need to be carried out. Looking at those babies/little angels with their innocent faces (Reminding me of Zahra !!!) brought into sharper focus the Meaning & Purpose of ZBF Mission. For me it was a powerful jolt enabling me to relate to what we are trying to do at ZBF. It occurred to me that the “Day-To-Day Activities” especially at our Lab are not just mundane tasks rather they all connect to those “Babies”. To put it more succinctly, such activities resonate with the breathing of those “Little Angels” dreaming/hoping for “Healthy/Happy Lives.” The Dynamism, Link & Contentedness of the whole process with ZBF activities becomes evident when viewed from that angle.

With that same background, I have tried to emphasize on many occasions (especially to Irfan, Ayesha & Fizza– 3 members of our amazing clinical team) that one should guard against the creeping element of being “Monotonous” which could result in diminishing productivity. If they are fully alive on a daily basis that it’s not just a job but “A Calling” only then can they find their efforts being meaningful. Even the raw data they are generating through those tests are not just cold numbers rather it is the foundation which will lead to Useful Information, Knowledge, Understanding & ultimately into Wisdom (The Dynamic Learning Cycle !!!). For them a sense of feeling good will surly emanate once they realize that they are making a contribution to a “Cause.” As the saying goes:

“You never arrive. Journey is the Reward.”

I have shared with you my “Lived & Authentic Experience” with the hope that it reminds the ZBF Team, ZBF partners, hospitals and clinics working with ZBF, future partners and hospitals and clinics, donors and the greater public about the “Sacredness & Spirit” of ZBF’s Mission.”

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