Deaf Awareness Week – How to Interact With A Person Who Has A Hearing Loss


What we as a society need to understand is that equality of rights means understanding where other stands while giving them the opportunity to fully bloom irrespective of the challenges they face. At some place we compromise, at some point they compromise. That’s called society. Following is how you conduct yourself in a society where there are people with deafness/hearing loss:

  1. Face them during interaction.
  2. Don’t turn away before the interaction is over.
  3. Speak clearly and do not shout.
  4. Repeating yourself is not bad, therefore repeat yourself if needed. Do not make it an ego problem.
  5. Do not say ‘it does not matter’.
  6. If the person does not understand you, do not just give up yet.
  7. If you feel like giving up, write it down if the recipient of your message is literate.
  8. Keep your mouth visible.
  9. Smile a lot and frequently.
  10. Do not speak either rapidly or too slow – be steady.







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