1000 New Born Screening Tests.

The ZB Foundation are so excited to announce that we have officially tested over 1000 babies with new born screening in Pakistan.

In 2013 when we founded The ZB Foundation our goal was to pioneer the use of New Born Screening, target the uncharted medical area of rare metabolic diseases, and over time, become a compelling soldier for the fight against baby/infant deaths and third world standard pediatric medicine and healthcare facilities. Through collaborating clinics and hospitals and educating doctors and parents, babies now finally have the opportunity to receive a heel prick test (New Born Screening Test) from 48 hours of being born which will result in saving countless lives.

With 4.4 million babies born in Pakistan a year, you can only imagine the scale of our work – not only in educating the medical profession and doctors but also encouraging parents to let their child have this simple test when their child is born.

Now that we have partnered with many hospitals within Islamabad and Peshawar we believe our screening numbers will increase at a rapid stage. If you would like to support our efforts please feel free to get in touch and help us save babies within Pakistan.



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